Learning Disorders

Current statistics indicate that eight million school children in the United States have a learning impairment, which can be traced back to some sort of malfunction in the nerve system.

When children have trouble learning, their frustration adversely affects their relationship with everyone around them -- parents, siblings, teachers, and schoolmates. Often, when a child develops a self-esteem problem, he or she is prone to emotional problems and psychological impairments that may carry into adulthood.

When children are hyperactive, due to emotional problems, medical treatment often includes medication, such as the drug, Ritalin, which has severe side effects. Ritalin doesn't always work and it often does more harm than good.

Recently, the director of Psychoeducational and Guidance Services of College Station, Texas, noted that out of 10,000 hyperactive children referred to him in the preceding decade, those who showed the most improvement had received chiropractic care. This caused the organization to refer some students to chiropractors for adjustments so they could monitor the effect of the care. Out of 24 students who had learning impairments, 12 received chiropractic care and the remaining students either received medication or no treatment at all.

The study concluded that chiropractic was twenty to forty percent more effective than the better known medications. Because students who are seriously afflicted seem to benefit so well from chiropractic, it seems inescapably logical that a "normal" child would benefit as well. It follows that chiropractic care can help an average student become above average. Perhaps a child's I.Q. can be raised -- reading skills improved, etc. as well as being given an edge in alertness, coordination and speech.

-- Chiropractic First by Terry A. Rondberg, D.C.

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